ANDREW CLAPHAM I Manufactured Landscape

Exhibition dates: February 10th – 24th 2022⠀

Opening Night: 17th of February 6pm – 8pm.

This exhibition looks at current research that engages the urbanized landscape and its influences on modernism, minimalism, labour, and the role of art and design in our society. The material-driven printmaking allows the critique of the arts’ classical traditions to repurpose them through traditional mediums and a technologically driven lens. Juxtaposing with prints heritage to commercial and processes also traditionally used for advertising purpose. Altogether, this series looks at the role humans play in the environment, mainly through urban space. It is a critique of the beauty and destructions we have on the altered landscape.


Art work details:

Altered A.  Acrylic Silk-Screen Print on 300 GSM Somerset Satin, 54x73cm, 2021.

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