SUE COOKE | Silva Inferno

Silva Inferno is an exhibition inspired by the glow and the power of fire and its role in deforestation. The exhibition depicts the beauty, tragedy and regeneration of a forest during and after the burn.
The images have developed through my drawings, observations and research of increased wildfires worldwide due to industrialised forestry practices and climate change. In particular the ferocity of the largescale Australian Wildfires of 2019 and a visit to Millstream in Western Australia’s Pilbara region after a controlled burn.

Dates: Oct 28th – Nov 16th

Artwork details:

Silva – Snappy Gum. Mono print, lithograph & gouache, 28 x 38cm, 2021



Opening Night: Thursday July 15th 6 – 8pm

Artist Talk: Friday 4pm

Exhibition: July 15th – Aug 5th⠀

Image: Winged Realm no 29, 2021, 53cm x 78cm, monotype, chine colle on Hahnemühle paper ⠀

In Winged Realm Jo Darvall takes her audience on a journey through a mythical dream of past encounters set in a fertile organic playground shapes and forms reference the lotus flower and bird like shrouded creatures leaving subtle ⠀
impressions of memory, past experiences lie deep within the papers textures. Tension and texture are at play as Darvall’s monoprints assemble and reassemble the lotus; the sacred symbol of purity in Buddhism, beauty in Hinduism ⠀
as well as its association with rebirth in ancient Egypt. ⠀
The titles pays homage to avant-garde experimental poet Christopher Barnett, ⠀
Barnett a figure from Darvall’s past as a young artists living and working in Brunswick street Fitzroy where Barnett and other street poets would perform.

Within Other Spaces

Artist: Bec Gynes, Caterina Lawrance, Chelsea Rosenbrock, and Alex Smith⠀⠀
JUNE 25th- July 9th

Within Other Spaces is a response to Michel Foucault’s theory of heterotopia, of which he introduced in his lecture Of Other Spaces. Foucault defines heterotopias as peculiar environments that evade normal behaviour, with their otherness demonstrated through a series of principles; notably ambivalence, temporality, and illusion. The proposed show Within Other Spaces sets out to consider a modern interpretation of heterotopias through exploring the phenomenological impact on individuals who engage with public and private spaces. It will consist of emerging artists Bec Gynes, Cat Lawrance, Chelsea Rosenbrock, and Alex Smith. These artists, who are all past and current students from the Drawing and Printmaking Department within the Victorian College of the Arts, have practices that are synergised through printmaking and utilise the medium to showcase their individual response of Foucault’s principles of heterotopias.⠀

Artwork: Soup, Alex Smith⠀
Medium: 7 layer screenprint, 57x76cm, 2020⠀

Andrew Clapham ‘The Manufactured Landscape’

June 4th – 18th
POSTPONED dates to be announced for 2022
This exhibition looks at current research that engages the urbanized landscape and its influences on modernism, minimalism, labour, and the role of art and design in our society. The material-driven printmaking allows the critique of the arts’ classical traditions to repurpose them through traditional mediums and a technologically driven lens. Juxtaposing with prints heritage to commercial and processes also traditionally used for advertising purpose. Altogether, this series looks at the role humans play in the environment, mainly through urban space. It is a critique of the beauty and destructions we have on the altered landscape.


Phil Day ‘Twenty-Plus Things

May 20th – June 3rd

“The subject of Twenty-plus things is basically a ‘secret’ thought or memory of mine.

I say ‘secret’ because I doubt my thought-memory is not conveyed to others in the paintings.

I’m not trying to hide anything – I just reckon these thought-memories would be dull for others to know,

but I find them stirring …. Not wanting to sound flippant; I really don’t know what I’m trying to do.

I’m just a bit bored by things, and I find doing paintings of these thought-memory-things more fun.” Phil Day


Opening night reception Thursday 20th May 6pm – 8pm


Angela Coombs Matthews ‘Flights of Fancy’

Exhibition opens Thursday April 15th

April 15th – 29th⠀⠀
Join us in the gallery for morning tea with Angela on Saturday April 17th, 11.30am – 12.30pm⠀
Flights of Fancy is an exhibition monotypes and paintings referencing the natural environment and the inner landscapes of the mind, of the imagination and of dreams. ⠀⠀
These works are a visceral response to a harsh yet beautiful landscape. Angela’s work has always reflected the inner psychological world just as it reflects aspects of the physical world.
The interplay between these two worlds provides the stimulus for much of her creative energy and output. The distinctive marks which inhabit the surface of the works become the visual language through which Angela hopes to create yet another world which invites the viewer to empathise or re-imagine and feel. The ambient stillness is interrupted with the introduction of birds and creatures which swoop, dive, glide and hover, sometimes ominously, over the imagined landscape to bring ‘a lightness of being’ to the otherwise challenging environment.⠀⠀

Artwork: ‘Gathering’ Monotype, 93 x 60cm


JESSI WONG ‘Aftermath and Rebirth’

Exhibition opens Thursday Feb 11th, 2021

These 3-dimensional imagined sea- and landscapes draw inspiration from the effect of human activity on the environment. The dystopian landscapes are occasionally dark, barren and bleak in shades of grey and black in an imagining of the future. They are sometimes a strong bright red with yellow clouds, drawing reference to the skies after a nuclear apocalypse; or they can be deep blue, like a vast expanse of water engulfing the planet. Other 2-dimensional works on paper are borne from the misprints and offcuts of these works and rebirthed through a combination of collage, drawing, and print. These are more playful in nature and act as a contrast to their original intention. While different in subject matter, these works rely on the creation of the other and emerge as hope in the aftermath of the destruction.⠀⠀

Dates: Feb 11 – 25


Coming soon: SUSAN WALD ‘ Mungo’


Susan Wald’s upcoming exhibition explores her response to Lake Mungo, the land, its structure, spirituality, and ancient history, with a series of monotypes made during her residency at The Art Vault in Mildura. These black and white prints were inspired by her visits to Lake Mungo, sitting, drawing and writing in solitude among the sand and mud pinnacles. The artist’s aim was to try and capture a sense of the time, spirit and energy of this ancient, powerful land. Experimenting with the space, form and thick black ink, Susan used tools, rags and brushes to wipe, draw and paint the images, trying to penetrate deeper in order to reflect some of the power of this sacred place.

Exhibition dates: March 4th – 18th
Mungo XX III⠀
Edition: 1/1 ⠀
Monotype – Ink on Hahnmuller paper⠀
68 x 58cm⠀