Exhibition Program 2020

PG Gallery exhibition program 2020

SUSAN WALD – Virtual Exhibition Sep 11 – 25
MAY BLUEBELL – Virtual Exhibition Oct 20 – Nov 3
SUE COOKE – Virtual Exhibition Oct 1- 15
JESSI WONG – Postponed
SAM BECKHAM – Postponed



Image: Sam Beckman
The Lake in the Hills
Edition of 30
90 x 60 cm
Archival pigment print on Canson Platine Fibre Rag





PHIL DAY ‘Edited & Illustrated’

Opening reception Thursday March 5th 6 – 8pm

Launched by Adrian Kellett

Recently, Phil Day has turned his attention to literary broadsides: a sheet of paper with a short piece of writing accompanied with an image. For each broadside, Day has chosen and edited lines from writers he has come to cherish, these include, Cassandra Atherton, S. K. Kelen, Paul Hetherington, Xavier Hennekinne, and Julia Leigh; resulting in seven lithographs and one copper engraving. (Edited & illustrated also includes Day’s oil paintings.)

Lithographs printed by Adrian Kellett of Sunshine Editions
Engraving printed by Greg Harrison

Exhibition dates: March 5th – 20th





Chris Lawry

Feb 6th – 20th 2020

Hailing from Belgrave, Chris Lawry specialises in linocut, woodblock and dry point printmaking. She grew up in a small house surrounded by the forests of far East Gippsland, where she spent her childhood exploring this beautiful and peaceful habitat. Chris’s fond memories from her upbringing amongst the forest continue to inspire her art practice and her desire for a closer connection with nature. Created in three parts, the works are based on her nature walks through Sassafras as well as the Aokigahara forest and Nakasendo Way in Japan.

Opening Night Thursday February 6th, 6 – 8pm

Image: Chris Lawry, Bridge off O’Donahue Track, 2018, Linocut printed on Kozo paper, image size 75 x 43cm





Jenny Kitchener

Dates: Nov 7 – 21


“The flower is the poetry of reproduction. … ‘William Wordsworth.

As well as playing an important role in enabling the reproduction of the flowering plants, flowers have long been admired and used by humans to bring beauty to their environment, and additionally as objects of romance, ritual, remembrance, inspiration, symbolism and as a source of food and medicine.

Pollinating insects and birds inadvertently fertilize flowering plants as they forage for the sweet nectar hidden within the flower, transferring the pollen from one flower to another.

My recent work seeks to highlight the alarming decline in numbers of the pollinating insects which are essential to plant reproduction and the biodiversity of our planet. Indiscriminate use of pesticides and the encroachment of humans into areas of wilderness are two major causes of this reduction in numbers. Most places on the planet now bear some trace of human occupation at the expense of both animal and plant habitats.

The works in the exhibition Bloom celebrate both the alluring beauty of flowers, and the important symbiotic relationship between pollinators and flowering plants, in an attempt to bring attention to this disturbing decline in insect numbers.

Image: Out of kilter, linocut and collage, unique state, 53 x 35cm, 2019.

Recommended Content & And Other Things You Might Like


Dates: Oct 10th – 24th 2019

Opening reception Thursday 10th October 6 – 8pm

‘Recommended Content & Other Things You Might Like’ comprises a body of work that seeks to take stock of the myriad shortcomings of the 21st century digital economy. The advertising model of a digital economy as demonstrated by the likes of Facebook and Google has seen humanity migrate into a world increasingly defined by its algorithmic newsfeeds, filter bubbles and virtual echo chambers. This new body of work is an attempt to form a dialogue with one of the defining features of this 21st century model of the human condition.’



Unnatural Waters

Fiona Murphy

Exhibition Dates: Sept 5 – 26

Opening Night: Thursday Sept 5th 6 – 8pm

Fiona Murphy’s upcoming exhibition ‘Unnatural Waters’ focuses on marine life at a macro and micro level. She examines the life-giving interconnections within The Great Barrier Reef and imagined scenarios derived from the science of global warming and ocean acidification.

Image: Fiona Murphy ‘Twilight Upwelling’ (left panel) Ink on paper with collage elements, 2019, 52 x 78cm





Exhibition Dates: August 15th – 30th

Opening Night: Thursday August 15th 6 – 8pm

Jordan Wood, Kate Hodgetts and Kylie Blackley share a dark and textural sensibility that provides a connection between their diverse practices.

Artwork: Untitled, Ink on paper, 2019




HELEN GORY | Walking North Out of the Shadow

Exhibition Dates: July 18 – Aug 2 2019

Opening night Thursday 18th July, 6 – 8pm


Walking North Out of the Shadow is a series of collages playing with the space between — between shadow and light, between image and perception, between intolerance and acceptance, between power and empowerment.

The impetus for the series is the idea of the shadow — living in someone else’s shadow, living in the shadow of history, living in the shadow cast by oppression and cruelty.

Created using fashion magazines and vintage history journals, the works set the insidiousness of the fashion industry — a modern form of female enslavement — as a metaphor for the downtrodden, abused and overlooked alongside the oppressiveness of structures of power. The materiality of the work — hand cut, hand glued collage — reflects the labour of women, of people of colour, through history, the invisible labour done in the shadows that props up the structures of power.

Ultimately, though, Walking North Out of the Shadow is a gesture towards the light. About stepping out of the shadow, about the long journey towards the light, towards the sun. Towards possibility.

Helen Gory


Image: Shadow 1, Collage, limited edition giclee print, 2019