Exhibition Dates: August 15th – 30th

Opening Night: Thursday August 15th 6 – 8pm

Jordan Wood, Kate Hodgetts and Kylie Blackley share a dark and textural sensibility that provides a connection between their diverse practices.

Artwork: Untitled, Ink on paper, 2019




HELEN GORY | Walking North Out of the Shadow

Exhibition Dates: July 18 – Aug 2 2019

Opening night Thursday 18th July, 6 – 8pm


Walking North Out of the Shadow is a series of collages playing with the space between — between shadow and light, between image and perception, between intolerance and acceptance, between power and empowerment.

The impetus for the series is the idea of the shadow — living in someone else’s shadow, living in the shadow of history, living in the shadow cast by oppression and cruelty.

Created using fashion magazines and vintage history journals, the works set the insidiousness of the fashion industry — a modern form of female enslavement — as a metaphor for the downtrodden, abused and overlooked alongside the oppressiveness of structures of power. The materiality of the work — hand cut, hand glued collage — reflects the labour of women, of people of colour, through history, the invisible labour done in the shadows that props up the structures of power.

Ultimately, though, Walking North Out of the Shadow is a gesture towards the light. About stepping out of the shadow, about the long journey towards the light, towards the sun. Towards possibility.

Helen Gory


Image: Shadow 1, Collage, limited edition giclee print, 2019


The Journey of Violets

‘The Journey of Violets’ is a Group Exhibition in support of The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC).

Using the medium of print, 13 Artists respond to a contemporary Iranian poem by Mohammad Reza Shafiei Kadkani.

Exhibition Dates: June 20th – July 4th 2019

Participating Artists:
Judy Horacek, Jim Pavlidis, Elizabeth Barnett, Tony Ameneiro, Damon Kowarsky, Angela Coombs Matthews, Hyun Ju Kim, Kevin Foley, Kasia Fabijanska, Chris Ingham, Rachel Derum, Rachel Moodie, Sai Wai Foo.


Opening Night Guest speaker: John Gulzari will speak about his personal journey as an Afghani refugee, who at the age of 17, escaped the Taliban and started a new life in Australia.
Musical performance by Mastane Nazarian from 6pm 



Opening Night: Thursday 20th June 6 – 8pm | Guest speaker: 7 pm


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Image: Rachel Moodie, ‘In winter’s last days, the migration of violets is beautiful.’ Digital collage. Limited edition (of 15) giclee print. Image size 41 x 32 cm


‘The Journey of Violets’

In winter’s last days, the migration of violets are beautiful.
On grey midday’s of Winter,
When violets are moved in small wooden boxes
– their mobile homes –
With their roots, leaves, grafts and soil,
Saved from cold shadows and wrapped in Spring’s satin scent;
A thousand laments spring from my chest and flow down my cheeks:
I wish humans could take their home too
– roots, leaves, grafts and soil –
Where ever they move,
Away from cold winds,
And into bright sunlight.

Mohammad Reza Shafiei Kadkani.


Belinda Reid and Jennifer Tarry-Smith
May 2 – 16

Intangible presents works by Belinda Reid and Jennifer Tarry-Smith, highlighting the obscurity of both memory and aurality in the form of print. 

Belinda Reid
22-54 18.09.2018
 2018, Cut photo-lithographic print 38 x 58cm

Jennifer Tarry-Smith
Misty, 2018, Lithograph, 56x76cm, 1/2

Lost Words

Lost Words

Exhibition Dates: March 21st – April 5th 2019
Opening night: Thursday March 21st 6 – 8pm

Opened by Cassandra Atherton 
Poet and Associate Professor in Writing and Literature, Deakin University.

Exhibition Program 2019

Please click here to view the exhibition program

Exhibiting Artists:

Phil Day
Jennifer Tarry-Smith and Belinda Reid
PG Group Exhibition in support of Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
Kylie Blackley, Jordan Wood and Kate Hogetts
Fiona Murphy
Harry Mcalpine
Jenny Kitchener

Image: Fiona Murphy ‘Reef Lab Unnatural Waters’ Collage on paper, limited edition giclee print, 2017

Jim Pavlidis – FOOTY

SEPTEMBER 13TH – 27TH 2018

Jim Pavlidis lithographs, etchings and mixed media prints reflect the quiet and fleeting moments that have captured his imagination for two decades.

We invite you to join us on opening night Thursday Sept 13th 6 – 8pm


Image: Richo, Lithograph 2018, printed by Peter Lancaster, edition of 10.



Mandy Renard – Dance Me to the End of Love

Printmaker Gallery is proud to present Dance Me to the End of Love, showcasing new works by Tasmanian artist Mandy Renard.

Dance Me to the End of Love is a tribute to the unique and eloquent music of the late Leonard Cohen.  Over a period of almost 50 years Leonard Cohen’s music has soared with the heights of his love and wept with the depths of his loneliness. His work is sacred and profane, epic and personal. This exhibition celebrates his tower of song and the “crack in everything…That is how the light gets in.”


We invite you to join us on Opening Night:
THURSDAY AUGUST 31st  6 – 8pm

Exhibition dates: August 31st – September 21st 2017

Image: Into the Masterpiece Drypoint, edition of 40, 2017


Dance me to the end of love