Force of Nature: Mystery in the Australian Landscape

Landscape is at the heart of Australian culture.
In this exhibition we pay homage to the artists at PG Gallery who share a deep connection to their natural surroundings. These artists explore the elusive qualities of light and weather, inviting viewers to embark on a sensory journey through evocative, atmospheric, and mysterious landscapes. Landscape art serves as a powerful conduit for the expression of emotions, transcending the mere depiction of scenery, to evoke a profound resonance with the viewer. Each artist uses their environment, evoking our awe-inspiring land; the rugged terrain, majestic forests, a deserted outback town or tumultuous sea, as a complex representation encompassing a range of projected states of being. These explorations delve into climate, history, and memory, navigating themes of trauma, grief, renewal, growth and fertility. All the while, the contemplation lingers on the enigmatic mysteries intrinsic to nature.

Opening night, Friday June 21st 5.30 – 7.30pm
DATES JUNE 18th – 29th

Justin McShane (TAS)

Dieter Engler (SA)

Kevin Foley (VIC)

Evan Shipard (NSW)

Joel Wolter (VIC)

Kylie Blackley (VIC)

Rosemary Eagle (VIC)

Irene Torres (VIC)

EXHIBITION DATES JUNE 18th – 29th 2024


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