HELEN GORY | Walking North Out of the Shadow

Exhibition Dates: July 18 – Aug 2 2019

Opening night Thursday 18th July, 6 – 8pm


Walking North Out of the Shadow is a series of collages playing with the space between — between shadow and light, between image and perception, between intolerance and acceptance, between power and empowerment.

The impetus for the series is the idea of the shadow — living in someone else’s shadow, living in the shadow of history, living in the shadow cast by oppression and cruelty.

Created using fashion magazines and vintage history journals, the works set the insidiousness of the fashion industry — a modern form of female enslavement — as a metaphor for the downtrodden, abused and overlooked alongside the oppressiveness of structures of power. The materiality of the work — hand cut, hand glued collage — reflects the labour of women, of people of colour, through history, the invisible labour done in the shadows that props up the structures of power.

Ultimately, though, Walking North Out of the Shadow is a gesture towards the light. About stepping out of the shadow, about the long journey towards the light, towards the sun. Towards possibility.

Helen Gory


Image: Shadow 1, Collage, limited edition giclee print, 2019


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