KATI THAMO | ‘Listening for the Call’

This exhibition of prints draws on the intrigue that birds hold for us.
The works range from migratory waders which cross the hemispheres to those living close beside us, and yet others whose calls we hear but only glimpse in the undergrowth.
Their songs and calls are often the background soundtrack to our lives – whether on the coast or further inland, from bush to forests or in our parks and backyards.
The birdcalls we hear signify a sense of place, but some birds are now so endangered that we listen for their calls in vain. In my images I try to capture a sense of poetry in these fleeting encounters.


EXHIBITION DATES: May 2nd – 13th


Kati Thamo, Of the Song Beyond, 2022, Etching, 20 x 23cm



Exhibition Catalogue




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