Within Other Spaces

Artist: Bec Gynes, Caterina Lawrance, Chelsea Rosenbrock, and Alex Smith⠀⠀
JUNE 25th- July 9th

Within Other Spaces is a response to Michel Foucault’s theory of heterotopia, of which he introduced in his lecture Of Other Spaces. Foucault defines heterotopias as peculiar environments that evade normal behaviour, with their otherness demonstrated through a series of principles; notably ambivalence, temporality, and illusion. The proposed show Within Other Spaces sets out to consider a modern interpretation of heterotopias through exploring the phenomenological impact on individuals who engage with public and private spaces. It will consist of emerging artists Bec Gynes, Cat Lawrance, Chelsea Rosenbrock, and Alex Smith. These artists, who are all past and current students from the Drawing and Printmaking Department within the Victorian College of the Arts, have practices that are synergised through printmaking and utilise the medium to showcase their individual response of Foucault’s principles of heterotopias.⠀

Artwork: Soup, Alex Smith⠀
Medium: 7 layer screenprint, 57x76cm, 2020⠀

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