Since 1975 we have been a Print Gallery at 227 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

We emerged from humble beginnings in a very different Brunswick Street, with a big agenda to provide a serious outlet for Australian Artist Printmakers. Supported by lecturers and students of the Melbourne Art Schools, the original aim was twofold: to provide the materials to produce prints and to sell the completed works.

As the fledgling business explored the best framing options to display the artwork, a third major activity for the business was created, framing. The original space was soon outgrown, with the framing workshop and the printmaking supplies (still known as Melbourne Etching Supplies) moving to new locations.

Our Artists travelled the world, worked in Studios, met other Artists and soon great new images were arriving from many places. We opened Intaglio Printmaker in the same Art Supplier and Framing format, in London’s Southwark. We exhibited Australian and Japanese work in London along with our new stable of UK Printmakers. The UK Printmakers we brought to Melbourne.

We held exhibitions at both locations (still known as Intaglio Printmaker and operating in London’s Southwark at a different location.) And at different times, we also ran Intaglio Gallery in Prahran and Graffiti Graphics in East Brunswick.

Resulting in all these wonderful links and opportunities, we have met many Artists and our archives span decades of talent. See techniques that have disappeared and others that have evolved into innovative contemporary printmaking.

Today we enjoy a location in this eclectic vibrant street, an arts hub, which of course early enterprises like our own helped to create. We offer a diverse and extensive range of prints, with a large volume of quality framed work that you can purchase directly off the wall and hundreds of artist’s folios to browse.

Written by Margie Burnet 2014

In November 2015, Fi James and Irene Torres became the new gallery directors. With a long and reputable history as a printmaking gallery, the enterprise continues to evolve and flourish in a contemporary context.