Exhibition dates: 30th of August – September 15th

Opening Night: 1st of September. 5:30pm – 7:30pm


Bin Night: Every week our rubbish bins go out. A snapshot of life during the past seven days, the debris is sorted into bins with red lids and yellow lids. Once they’re emptied, the week begins afresh. Questions regarding ethical matters such as consumption and waste are best left for another day.

Jim Pavlidis is a Melbourne based painter and printmaker, exhibiting since 1994. His work is held in collections including the National Gallery of Australia, the State Library of Victoria and he has been awarded both the Churchill Fellowship and the Melbourne Press Club Quill. Jim Pavlidis is also known for his work at ‘The Age’, where he has been a press artist, designer and illustrator/cartoonist in two stints since 1987.


Art work details:

Lake Road (2022) Jim Pavlidis. Oil on Linen. 600 x 300mm W x H




DAVID NIXON I Coalescence

Exhibition dates: June 25th – July 9th 2022⠀


Coalescence culminates seventeen years dedicated to creating relief etchings, linocuts and monoprints. My material engagement with these mediums enables me to develop pictorial languages based upon personal motifs. Testing the extreme limits of the medium, my detailed etchings are distinguished by their lyric intimacy and acute optical shimmer. My linocuts are drilled, enabling an expansive means by which to animate works on paper with a concentrated intensity: an expressive fluidity is imprinted in reverberant images characterised by their visual rhythm, shape and spatial structure. Working wet into wet, painting and drawing integrate in my mono prints. I identify the textural beauty of chance elements and develop these dimensionally with a focused intent. My meticulous prints are technically demanding. I continually finetune and vary my creative methods, aiming at outcomes in which a perfectionism and a poetic expression converge.


Art work details:

Untitled (2021). Linocut. Edition of 25. 520 x 335mm



Exhibition Catalogue


Exhibition dates: June 2nd – 16th 2022⠀

Opening Night: 2nd of June 5:30 – 7:30pm.


Signals is an exhibition that examines the concept of a ‘novel’ ecosystem, an ecosystem that has been heavily influenced by humans but is not under human management. Kohl Tyler-Dunshea begins by looking to plants that are ever-present in her daily life within the city of Naarm, and examines these as markers (or ‘Signals’) of an implicit subtext to the happenings of the city she lives in.

Her watercolour paintings feature cut flowers bought from corner stores, noxious weeds that surround her block of flats, fallen leaves, and a sole pollinator species, the Western honey bee. Introduced species, bred and well-adjusted to the current climate. While her hand-built stoneware ceramic sculptures appear more like archeological remnants of a previous age, petrified, fossilized and bleached by time, inspired by the mycological kingdom, coral lifeforms, and other earthly anomalies.


Art work details:

Requiem. Watercolour, goauche and aerosol paint on 640gsm cotton rag paper 450 x 560mm, 2021.

Please view the exhibition catalogue here




Exhibition dates: May 12th – 26th 2022⠀

Opening Night: 12th of May 5:30 – 7:30pm.


Sunstruck8 is a series of contemporary giclee prints inspired when Penelope was taking neighbourhood walks during Covid lockdown. Beguiled by the beauty of magnolia blooms bathed in afternoon sun, she took advantage of the opportunity to capture the plants in varying stages of anthesis. Applying digital manipulation, the delicate floral forms have been abstracted through polarisation and the play of reflected light, being reimagined as enigmatic visual fantasies; a reminder that all living things are in a constant state of flux. Each print is strictly limited to an edition of eight.


Art work details:

Ardour. Limited edition giclee print, 180 x 220 mm, 2022.


Please view the exhibition catalogue here




Exhibiting Artists: Kyla Cresswell, Catherine MacDonald, Prue MacDougall, Kathryn Madill & Nan Mulder


Exhibition dates: April 14th – May 5th 2022⠀

Opening Night: 14th of April 5:30pm – 7:30pm.

Towards Strangeness brings together a group of New Zealand printmakers and with it, varying degrees of the inexplicable, the unfamiliar, and the mysterious. This exhibition features mezzotint, dry point, monoprint, photopolymer, etching, and embossing. Toward Strangeness endeavors to explore the nugget of strangeness that we often carry within ourselves and to the places we inhabit.

Art work details:

Towards Strangeness. Nan Mulder. Mezzotint, 320x 420mm

ANDREW CLAPHAM I Manufactured Landscape

Exhibition dates: February 10th – 24th 2022⠀

Opening Night: 17th of February 6pm – 8pm.

This exhibition looks at current research that engages the urbanized landscape and its influences on modernism, minimalism, labour, and the role of art and design in our society. The material-driven printmaking allows the critique of the arts’ classical traditions to repurpose them through traditional mediums and a technologically driven lens. Juxtaposing with prints heritage to commercial and processes also traditionally used for advertising purpose. Altogether, this series looks at the role humans play in the environment, mainly through urban space. It is a critique of the beauty and destructions we have on the altered landscape.


Art work details:

Altered A.  Acrylic Silk-Screen Print on 300 GSM Somerset Satin, 54x73cm, 2021.


SUE COOKE | Silva Inferno

Silva Inferno is an exhibition inspired by the glow and the power of fire and its role in deforestation. The exhibition depicts the beauty, tragedy and regeneration of a forest during and after the burn.
The images have developed through my drawings, observations and research of increased wildfires worldwide due to industrialised forestry practices and climate change. In particular the ferocity of the largescale Australian Wildfires of 2019 and a visit to Millstream in Western Australia’s Pilbara region after a controlled burn.

Dates: Oct 28th – Nov 16th

Artwork details:

Silva – Snappy Gum. Mono print, lithograph & gouache, 28 x 38cm, 2021



Opening Night: Thursday July 15th 6 – 8pm

Artist Talk: Friday 4pm

Exhibition: July 15th – Aug 5th⠀

Image: Winged Realm no 29, 2021, 53cm x 78cm, monotype, chine colle on Hahnemühle paper ⠀

In Winged Realm Jo Darvall takes her audience on a journey through a mythical dream of past encounters set in a fertile organic playground shapes and forms reference the lotus flower and bird like shrouded creatures leaving subtle ⠀
impressions of memory, past experiences lie deep within the papers textures. Tension and texture are at play as Darvall’s monoprints assemble and reassemble the lotus; the sacred symbol of purity in Buddhism, beauty in Hinduism ⠀
as well as its association with rebirth in ancient Egypt. ⠀
The titles pays homage to avant-garde experimental poet Christopher Barnett, ⠀
Barnett a figure from Darvall’s past as a young artists living and working in Brunswick street Fitzroy where Barnett and other street poets would perform.

Within Other Spaces

Artist: Bec Gynes, Caterina Lawrance, Chelsea Rosenbrock, and Alex Smith⠀⠀
JUNE 25th- July 9th

Within Other Spaces is a response to Michel Foucault’s theory of heterotopia, of which he introduced in his lecture Of Other Spaces. Foucault defines heterotopias as peculiar environments that evade normal behaviour, with their otherness demonstrated through a series of principles; notably ambivalence, temporality, and illusion. The proposed show Within Other Spaces sets out to consider a modern interpretation of heterotopias through exploring the phenomenological impact on individuals who engage with public and private spaces. It will consist of emerging artists Bec Gynes, Cat Lawrance, Chelsea Rosenbrock, and Alex Smith. These artists, who are all past and current students from the Drawing and Printmaking Department within the Victorian College of the Arts, have practices that are synergised through printmaking and utilise the medium to showcase their individual response of Foucault’s principles of heterotopias.⠀

Artwork: Soup, Alex Smith⠀
Medium: 7 layer screenprint, 57x76cm, 2020⠀