Dean Bowen

Dean Bowen is an Australian artist working across a number of mediums including painting, sculpture and printmaking.He has held over ninety solo exhibitions in Australia, France, Japan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Dean Bowen’s work is represented in over seventy national and international collections including, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; arts ACT, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne; Art Gallery of New South Wales,  McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, Fukuoka Museum of Art, Japan and many more.

He is renowned for his life affirming artwork depicting vibrant birds and animals as well as urban and country scenes. His vision and diverse range of mediums, whether it be painting, sculpture or printmaking, come together to produce images that are joyous, lively and full of humour. Providing a contrast to the typical image of the Australian landscape, Bowen’s scenes of urban and rural life are often populated by whimsical and cheerful characters, living harmoniously within their constructed environments.

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