Lana De Jager

I make drawings that are transferred to a metal-backed photopolymer etching plate. These plates can be used to do traditional intaglio print making, using a hand operated relief press. Each fine art print is made by hand in my home studio, incorporating centuries old techniques, like chine-collé or a la poupée – with a huge variety or results. It is an ever evolving and endlessly creative way of making art.

For 25 years I worked as a graphic designer. When my close family suffered 3 losses in 22 months, I had a crisis of existence and turned to full-time art making (2016). Since then I’ve investigated loss & grief, the female condition, mental health issues of women, cultural pressures and issues that come up in conversations with friends.

Currently I am working on pieces to deal with thoughts around Covid-19, lifecycles, climate change and processing all the terrible news we are facing with regards to our impact on the earth.

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