Coming soon: SUSAN WALD ‘ Mungo’


Susan Wald’s upcoming exhibition explores her response to Lake Mungo, the land, its structure, spirituality, and ancient history, with a series of monotypes made during her residency at The Art Vault in Mildura. These black and white prints were inspired by her visits to Lake Mungo, sitting, drawing and writing in solitude among the sand and mud pinnacles. The artist’s aim was to try and capture a sense of the time, spirit and energy of this ancient, powerful land. Experimenting with the space, form and thick black ink, Susan used tools, rags and brushes to wipe, draw and paint the images, trying to penetrate deeper in order to reflect some of the power of this sacred place.

Exhibition dates: March 4th – 18th
Mungo XX III⠀
Edition: 1/1 ⠀
Monotype – Ink on Hahnmuller paper⠀
68 x 58cm⠀

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