PETA WEST | ‘To be a Wanderer’

Living on the South Coast of New South Wales, printmaker Peta West draws inspiration from the surrounding coast and bushland, specifically that of Lake Conjola. A place where the lake opens to the ocean, where stoic banksias and gum trees hug the shoreline and where the peak of Didthul (Pigeon House Mountain) silhouettes the western skyline. To walk through this area, the energy of the bush is tangible. Despite the realism with which West portrays her subjects, it is rather her ability to capture an experience of sublimity that is most affecting in her work: a feeling of complete immersion within a living ecosystem.


EXHIBITION DATES: April 4th – 20th


At Dawn and Dusk, Linocut, 2023, 60 x 60cm



Exhibition Catalogue




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