TOM CIVIL I The Rabble

ARTIST TALK: Tom Civil will be joined by Chris Ingham to talk about the inspiration and creative process behind ‘The Rabble’.
Please Join us on Saturday the 1st of April, 3:30 – 5pm.

Final day of exhibition is Saturday 1st APRIL


In this new body of work, Tom Civil’s iconic stick folk monikers are used within a collection of etchings, paintings and small sculptures to represent friendship and collectiveness.
Many of the artworks speak to social organising, representing the act of people gathering together in unity for a common idea – from small groups of friends to small community groups, to mass gatherings. ‘The Rabble’ celebrates everyday moments of life and community and contain stories within stories; small occurrences, intimate moments, group discussions, playing and dancing, moving together and sitting alone.



Exhibition Catalogue


Artwork details:

The Rabble, TOM CIVIL. Etching & Aquatint. 300 x 400 mm


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